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Accelerated Reader®

Accelerated Reader®, a product of Renaissance™ Learning, is a reading incentive program at Erickson School. This computer program measures the comprehension of books read. Points are awarded based on the length and difficulty of the story. The points earned taking tests may be redeemed at the Accelerated Reader® store which is open once a month during lunch time. In addition to the store, there is also a special night out for Accelerated Readers in January, and all students who earn 100 Points are invited on a special field trip in the spring. Students in third through fifth grades are acknowledged for making the 100 and 200 Point Clubs. Students in second grade have a special 50 point club award. Since Accelerated Reader® is an incentive program, participation is voluntary. Students can take tests during lunch/recess or in the classroom when they have free time.

Visit the AR BookFinder website for a searchable list of Accelerated Reader books.